About Us

Divan Ambalaj is a very dynamic solution provider since 2010 and supplies following high-toned rigid plastic packaging products and services by the help of his professional team and the knowledge base of "high-end production technologies"...

  • PP IML containers
  • PP IML buckets
  • PP IML tubs
  • PP IML trays
  • PP IML pots


Divan Ambalaj mainly decorates his products with IML (in mould labeling) technology but in addition to IML, Divan Ambalaj supplies packaging solutions decorated with other printing technics such as “shrink sleeve labeling” or “self adhesive labeling”.

Divan Ambalaj does his best to match customer requirements within the most suitable service & production conditions.  Team members always say:  “We know your requirements and improve our infrastructure by our proprietary interest to serve you better!”.

The biggest target of the company is to convert dialogues into win-win partnerships!


You may easily visit the company on net by typing www.divanpackaging.com